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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The "In Thing" To Do

My cousin Linda was like an older sister to me and whatever she did growing up, I wanted to follow in her foot steps. In today's standards these will seem like silly examples to you however in my day you needed permission to do these things, as I had a very strict father. So when Linda started shaving her legs, then I wanted to, she started wearing makeup, then I wanted to, she got a boyfriend, then I really wanted to. My father thought she was a bad influence on me as a young teenager growing up and there was always a battle between us. Many years have passed since then and my husband would hear these stories about Linda and I every time we would together. Keep in mind she is the one that also introduced me to my now hubby.

So as the story goes, my cousin Linda was visiting us in California from Florida. We decided to have a girls day out and went shopping knowing we were going on a trip the next day to Lake Tahoe, Nv. While in a drug store we saw these really cute little rose tattoos that you paste on your ankle or where ever. We bought a set just to play a joke on my hubby knowing that he was really against girls getting tattoos. I thought it would be cute to surprise him while sitting in the hot tub at our favorite hotel the next evening. Well I forgot all about applying it that day and when he saw me stripping my clothes off that night getting ready for bed, he saw something on my upper chest and said, WHAT'S THAT? Well, I threw myself face down on the bed and pretended to cry. He said, you have a spider on you and tried to roll me over, knowing there was no spider, I didn't know how I was going to explain this one, other than to show and tell him...............Linda said, "it was the in thing to do". Well, with disgust his voice he tells me, the "In Thing to do", huh .......... MY ASS!! Your father WAS right, she IS a crummy influence and proceeds to tell me he is going to take over where my father left off 30 years ago... she can go home on the first plane out of here. Mind you my cousin is in the next room reading before going to bed and she can hear everything that's being said, needless to say she was laughing her head off knowing she was getting blamed for something once again. I explained to my hubby it was one of those paste on tattoos and it will wash off..............end of story.
Like any story.............I guess you had to be there. lol

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